In my previous post, I reviewed Glogster, a digital presentation tool that students can use to demonstrate their understanding of a topic. In today’s post, I would like to show you an example of what the final product could look like so you can see how it can be used by a teacher in the classroom. I created my glog to use to promote literacy, as I introduce different genres of fiction to my students. I tend to book talk various books within a genre to my classes, and this could be used as a tool to introduce a specific book in that genre to the students. I could also collaborate with teachers assigning book reports to students by having students use this presentation template instead of writing out paragraphs describing different elements of their book.

Here is a screencast that demonstrates how to use Glogster for your reference.

Instructional Focus and stated objectives aligned to state standards and objectives:

The purpose of my example is to promote literacy and introduce an example of realistic fiction to my students. By showing my students this glog, they can be exposed to elements of the book, including setting and characters, as well as see visual images and a video book trailer that highlights the emotional aspect of a young boy looking for a way to fit in. As they create their own based on a book they have read (in place of a book report), they will be able to: MSDE School Library Media State Curriculum: 6.1.a: With guidance, read, listen to, view, and discuss literature that reflects personal interests, provides imagined experiences, and validates individual concerns and real experiences. Common Core Reading Standards 5.5: Explain how a series of chapters, scenes, or stanzas fit together to provide the overall structure of a particular story. MD Technology Literacy Standards for Students 3.A.1.a: Use technology tools, including software and hardware, from a range of teacher-selected options to learn new content or reinforce skills.

Intended Grade Level and Curriculum Content:

Fifth Grade, Library Media

Unique and Appropriate Features of Glogster:

Glogster’s ability to combine text, images, video, audio, and web links make this a virtual tool that teachers can be encouraged to use for their students. By having the ability to approve the template before assigning tasks to students, teachers have the ability to ensure that each assignment meets the assessment needs of their students. Glogster’s connection to digital files helps encourage student use and understanding of web 2.0 tools and the digital resources that are available to them. Having the ability to share the final products digitally is a great resource for teachers looking to add student work to their portfolios, as well as for students who are building their own digital footprint.

Fifth Grade Book Report Glog

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