As emerging technology keeps coming at us, it can sometimes be intimidating as a media specialist to stay on top of the latest trends, especially knowing what may or may not be appropriate for your students to use. That is why I am very thankful that I am encouraged in my masters classes to take the plunge and dive in to evaluate resources in order to determine what resources may fit the needs of my student population the best.

One of the tools I have found that I would love to utilize, and will encourage my teachers to use, is Glogster. It is a collage tool that can be used for students to compile various forms of media, including audio, video, text, and graphics, all in one location to demonstrate their understanding of a specific topic.

Glogster has an educational feature that offers teachers the ability to manage student accounts, utilize amazing templates for various projects, and compile and publish student glogs (their finished presentations). Once all student glogs have been uploaded, teachers can drag them into a presentation sequence which creates a link for them to publish it virtually. Teachers could post the presentations on their website, blog, or school social media account to share with parents and the community.

Here is an example of a presentation that I created. It only has one example in it, but you can see how awesome it would be for students to be able to scroll through and see their finished product.

Glogster is a wonderful product that seems to have a great support staff. I was able to connect to them via twitter easily, and their online chat feature can help answer any questions if a user gets stuck.

In my opinion, the only downfall to Glogster is the price. There is a fee for its use. If my teachers were introduced to this tool and really thought it valuable, we would need to work with my administration and central office supervisors to see how realistic it would be to pay for. At this time in my county, budget is everything, so unless I spent my media center budget money on this, it would probably not be something my school or county would be willing to purchase.

Overall, I’m so glad I got to try out Glogster. It is a great tool that encourages sensory learning and creative expression of ideas in a digital format. Go have fun and try it out!